ZOOM Domain Registration and Cloud, SSD Web Hosting Philippines gives business the advantage of getting the benefit of real cloud SSD web hosting platform for the price of traditional shared web servers or VPS hosting. Unlike other website hosting and domain registration companies with servers that run mostly on Centos, our Cloud platform are powered by CloudLinux, the only OS designed to optimize web server performance in a cloud environment. This means that spikes from one tenant doesn’t affect other tenants making each account stable and running smoothly. Zoom Hosting is also the preferred .PH domain registration offering registration of all .PH domains including, .com.ph, .net.ph, .org.ph, edu.ph, .gov.ph. We are not reseller who sells cheap web hosting, dedicated server, VPS and email hosting reseller packages and oversells resources sacrificing speed and security. We maintain and manage our own servers thus we’re able to tweak server settings according to our customer’s needs and we’re able to give them a more personalized service. Don’t just take our word for it, try it now and experience the best, lightning fast cloud web hosting today! Dedicated Cloud-based VPS and Dedicated server also available.

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Why ZOOM.PH is the only real choice for Philippine customers?

And perhaps for South East Asian countries and Australia too!

UNLIMITED HOSTING offers are everywhere! And you've probably realized that as your business grows, website, email and online systems will play an important part in your business.

Before you decide to buy, let us enumerate the main reasons why ZOOM.PH is the only real choice for Philippine website owners.

  • Trusted by government agencies and top companies
  • ZOOM.PH is not a web host reseller
  • ZOOM.PH is a legal entity and a registered corporation
  • Philippine-based company
  • Topnotch Philippine-based support
  • One Month Money Back Guarantee
  • State-of-the-art platform
    • Security
    • Account isolation
    • Intercontinental backup in Singapore
    • Instant scalability
    • 100% Hardware fault tolerance
    • US-based datacenter
  • Fair use policy
  • Solid management team
  • Affiliations
We've summarized the key points but if you want to have peace of mind that you are indeed choosing the right web host, please continue reading.
It'll only take 5 to 10 minutes of your time but might save you from headaches and law suits.

Trusted by Government Agencies and Top Companies

Your website will be hosted in the same CLOUD where the websites of AVON, Department of Education, Sugar Regulatory Authority of the Philippines, Road Board of the Philippines, PhilRice-Department of Agriculture, MegaWorld, Philippine International Convention Center, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Western Union Petnet, Octagon, Silicon Valley, Accent Micro, and Camella are hosted along with hundreds of industry leaders, government agencies and educational institutions.

ZOOM.PH is not a web host reseller

ZOOM.PH manages and maintains its own servers.

The truth behind reseller packages widely being sold by many Philippine-based hosting providers is that they are turnkey reseller solutions from web hosting providers in the U.S.

This poses two major issues. First, when it is business hours here in the Philippines, it is when these US-based hosting companies have the minimal number of engineers to work on technical issues. If for example, a support ticket is filed at 8:30 AM (Philippine time), you may have to wait for 12 hours before being attended to by engineers. This prolongs the agony of waiting for your server issues to be fixed. Secondly, software upgrade, server and network maintenance, backup and IP migration are normally done during night time, between 12 midnight to 4 AM in the US when live traffic from US website visitors is supposedly low, which means less complaints and support requests.

The problem here is that window time happens to be the peak hours here in the Philippines when most customers are likely to be visiting Philippines-based company websites. Worst, daily backup process, which is normally scheduled at night in the U.S. (day time here), eats up a lot of memory and CPU power that in turn slows down the server and even kills processes such as CPANEL, WHM and Security Scripts just to free up memory. This explains why a lot of websites hosted by resellers would frequently experience downtime or slowed performance in the afternoon. Surely, you wouldn't want to make your website unavailable during peak traffic hours due to server upgrade.

And because we manage and maintain our own server, we schedule these activities and automated processes between 1 AM to 4 AM, (Philippine time). When the server has a lot of computing powers available to do other computing tasks and as such, it doesn't degrade the website's performance.

Another thing that besets website owners hosted in reseller servers is that they are insecure.

Most hosting companies don't care much about how website developers create their scripts and upload their files; they don't inspect malicious scripts, SQL injection, or file permission. They leave it up to their customers or web developers to secure their websites.

The problem is that resellers do not have the access permission to modify the server parameters, install security software and firewall. Worst, the mother hosting firms set their servers with the lowest level of security so as to make them compatible with most scripts, remote access and unsecured connection types, By doing this, the package can be sold to the most number of customers while getting the least possible support requests, thus minimizing support manpower overhead.

Legal entity and a registered Corporation

Digging a bit deeper to verify the identity of an organization can help lessen the potential risks to your business.

Believe it or not, even in the first page of Google, you'll see seemingly high-end web hosting providers that are in fact being operated by a one-man team working at home in remote provinces. Turnkey hosting template websites provided by their mother firms allow them to set-up an enterprise-looking website in just one day. But if you check their About us page, you will notice that some are not even registered taxpayers. Another simple test of legitimacy of a business is by looking at other essential identifications such as office addresses and contact details.

We have encountered several clients asking if we can do anything about their website because they can no longer contact their developer who happened to be hosting their website too. Unfortunately, if we do not have the registrar and hosting access, the website which they paid for and all emails are lost forever and they'll have to start all over again.

ICONCEPT Global Advertising, Inc. is a SEC registered Corp. belonging to a group of 3 companies including IBRAINS Technologies corporation, accredited contractor of PLDT Group of companies, Smart Communications, and IBM Philippines.

Topnotch Philippine-based support

At ICONCEPT, you are assured of getting personalized support while we provide customized packages suited for your requirements. We have web-based chat system where we can immediately access your account information and ticket to immediately assist you with your concerns. You can also use our support line and reference your ticket number for immediate assistance. And since we are a Philippine-based company, you are assured of fastest technical support response.

State-of-the-art True Cloud Platform


To wake up one morning with your website files deleted or maliciously modified, emails hacked or receiving 5,000 spam mails overnight and finding it too difficult to delete them one by one, or worst your entire website gone is a nightmare to any website owner. We have written an entire article here entitled ZOOM Servers - Hacking Proof about our share of experience in being hacked and how we now protect our accounts against internet crooks. But don't just take our word for it, try it now. We can actually teach you how to test the most popular hacking methods used by hackers such as the combination of PORT SCAN, BRUTE FORCE and SQL INJECTION.

Note that we are not in any way affiliated to the developer of these hacking software nor are we promoting hacking. You are free to use other hacking tools. Note though that we do not encourage unethical hacking, we simply want you to test our system before you avail of our hosting packages.
Before using these software, make sure you list down our phone numbers and email address because you will definitely be blocked from accessing our network as soon as our network detects the attack and you'll not be able to access our website. You may call us at (+63)2 411-10-40 or (+63)2 519 48-10 during business hours or email us at support.dept@zoom.ph to request unblocking of your IP.

Account Isolation

Accounts hosted on the cloud are treated individually. Our cloud server runs on CloudLinux, the only operating system developed for shared hosting environment, giving our tenants more protection from resource spikes. Should Account A get resource spike, Accounts B,C, D and so on won´t get affected.

Instant Scalability

This is probably one of the highlighting features of cloud hosting. Low traffic day or a blockbuster hit day, your website has to be prepared. With cloud, an account can be upgraded instantly from 1 CPU Core limit to say 16 x 2.0 CPU or from 100MB to 10 GB memory limit. Flexibility to accommodate changes in traffic is offered in cloud hosting, something that is missing on traditional hosting environment. While it is said that cloud environment architectures are limitless, different factors are considered affecting the scalability. One factor is the size of a cloud´s datacenter.

Intercontinental Backup.

We backup all accounts daily, weekly and monthly. We have two copies of these backups. One is located in the same datacenter where your site is hosted and another copy is sent daily to our remote back-up server housed in Singapore, so your data is virtually protected from acts of God, terrorist attacks, and prolonged massive power outage that can affect a huge geographical region affecting the datacenter. With this setup, we can instantly restore your account in case any of the untoward incidents mentioned destroys the server. Without this protection, your data will be totally wiped out.

100% Hardware Fault tolerance

Because of its fully redundant hardware units, you are ensured of having a more dependable hosting environment. If for example, one hardware unit is malfunctioning, that hardware falls out of the cloud and another hardware unit within the cluster takes over.

ZOOM Hosting guarantees 100% cloud hardware uptime to all our customers. We are able to give this guarantee because of the high fault tolerance architecture of our cloud infrastructure.

Should you observe any server hardware-related downtime that is not remedied for more than 20 minutes and that our engineers confirmed that there was indeed a hardware fault, we will credit two months' hosting fee to your account. Most hosting companies will only give you a prorated rebate based on the length of downtime but we at ZOOM, are very confident of our platform that's why we offer this guarantee.

US-based Datacenter.

Our server is hosted in a US-based datacenter that provides higher IP backbone route redundancy across the globe. It is managed by one of the biggest data center in the world with datacenters in the US, Asia, and Europe.

Fair Use Policy

This is where we really shine! Most hosting providers in the Philippines are resellers who are reselling cheap, traditional VPS services of other hosting firms. Often times, these hosting providers oversell their packages to the extent of offering unbelievable packages with unlimited disk and bandwidth, which means that they are selling resources more than the actual resources allotted to them by their parent hosting provider. This oftentimes results to resource hogging causing "500 Internal Server Error". Looks familiar?

Our system is designed to protect tenants from noisy neighbors which means that if one account turns to be consuming resource more than what is allotted for that account, then only that account will run out of resource but the rest of the tenants will be operating normally.

Although we know that diverse customer base will have different hosting package use cases, we cannot allow one account from disrupting shared services. To prevent this, all use cases are governed by our Acceptable Usage Policy or AUP. This AUP protects users from other kind of abuse that cannot be prevented automatically in a shared server environment.

At ZOOM Hosting, you will get the computing resource that you are paying for. We'll allow you to install whatever account level scripts you want to install provided it does not fall under unacceptable materials in our AUP. That's what we advertised and that's what we are giving you. Our packages are carefully designed to serve the needs of almost all business scales, from micro business to a global enterprise. We host small sites such as dental clinics to medium traffic websites such as those of the NGOs and SMEs to high traffic sites such as government, international remittance firm and ecommerce sites getting global visitors daily.

Solid Management

ZOOM.PH is managed and maintained by the same team that brought ICONCEPT Global Advertising its phenomenal success. Know more about our management team here.


ICONCEPT Global continues to improve its service offerings through involvement in various organizations. Few of which includes membership in the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) and Bulacan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (BCCI).

Have peace of mind! At ZOOM, we treat every website as if it is our own!