Business Cloud packages are ideal for start-ups to medium scale businesses with predictable daily web and email traffic. These packages have more than enough computing resource allocation for the use case they were designed for. 

Business Cloud packages have higher CPU, Memory and I/O limits compared to Unlimited Packages. This design allows businesses to enjoy business class hosting at a very affordable cost, without having to worry about prolonged downtime, email spam and hacking. On the average, disk quota for business cloud packages will take years before getting hit and by that time, storage density will have increased significantly and our package would most likely have been adjusted to allow higher disk quotas for each packages. We have medium scale enterprises that have been with us for the past 4 years or so whose disk usage hasn't even exceeded 3GB. 

Ideal for students, startup businesses or self-employed individuals with fairly simple static website or light content management (CMS) and working on a budget.

Ideal for startups who wish to have more disk storage as it essentially has 500% more storage than CLOUD MINI. This package also allows more emails and database to be created. Ideal for startup with light CMSes and low daily traffic. This package will perform well for optimized websites that has less images and videos and relatively few pages. Good for start-ups, micro-enterprise and personal websites using this package.

Suitable for small scale to medium scale businesses with low to moderate website traffic and low to moderate email use. Ideal for sol proprietorship and small partnership businesses with low to moderate traffic but with business class website performance. Photographers, catering services, sole proprietorship law firms, shops and dental clinics are common users of this package.

Recommended for medium to large scale businesses who have established good online presence and getting moderate traffic with traffic spikes during business hours and expecting multiple concurrent at certain times of the day. Unlimited email address allows creation of email addresses for all employees. Majority of medium scale businesses will fall under this package. We have trading companies, construction companies, schools, service providers, brokers, manufacturing firms, and pharmaceutical companies subscribed to this package.

Enterprise Cloud packages are perfect for more popular websites. These are for big businesses, schools, e-commerce sites, government agencies, industry leaders, forums and other specialized web hosting needs that require guaranteed up time, spam free mail and serious hack protection. Packages under this category do not have hourly mail sending limits making it ideal for companies with high volume of email transactions daily. Accounts under Enterprise Cloud are created in a less tenanted server. This means that there are more computing resource allotment and less server load, making websites load faster even during peak traffic hours.

Ideal for local government units, moderate traffic government agency websites, moderate traffic university websites, blogs, non-government organization, moderate traffic religious websites, moderate traffic forums and similar websites with moderate traffic that peaks during business hours. Majority of government agencies, universities, local government units and relatively popular brands are using this package.

Cloud Portal is best for general businesses, government agencies, forum sites, university websites and similar websites that have established an industry leader reputation and have good online presence within top 1 million websites worldwide, expecting moderate to high traffic during peak business hours. National government agencies, websites of some cities and big universities are using this package.

Recommended for e-commerce websites, forum, advertisement boards, deals, property listing, job boards, local social networking sites, and websites with relatively high popularity within top 1 million websites worldwide. We have good number of e-commerce sites operated by popular brands using this service.

Designed for high traffic websites with good number of concurrent visitors and with high volume email usage, downloads, multimedia gallery, billing system and other specialized web hosting needs but do not have the time and knowledge to maintain a dedicated server. Some of the country’s popular and high traffic websites are using this package.

Unlimited shared hosting packages are everywhere. Many hosting companies are forced to ride this marketing bandwagon but in the expense of website owners who get frequent down time, crawling websites and pathetic support. 

To differentiate our service, we have carefully designed three unlimited packages for specialized use -- UNLI-BASIC, UNLI-PRO and UNLI-BIZ are designed to meet the needs of website owners who don't want to worry about hitting their bandwidth or disk quota in the future. The higher the package, the higher the CPU, memory and I/O resources you get.

Unlimited here means that resources are not metered so for specific hosting needs i.e., intranet websites, private group websites, landing pages, promotional websites, affiliates websites and other specialized hosting needs where owner wants utmost flexibility in bandwidth and without having to worry about website being suspended due to quota being exceeded. These packages are designed for gradual disk and bandwidth usage growth that is predictable and at a reasonable rate commensurate to the amount of the package the website owner is paying. This is on the premise that storage per dollar spent is increasing every year and therefore, accounts that grow at a reasonable rate commensurate to the increasing storage density are understandably allowed to be paying the same amount month-by-month or year-by-year even if their usage is increasing because disk density is also increasing.

In reality though, there’s no such thing as absolute no limit package Servers run on electricity and require cooling system, secured environment and geo-redundant Gigabytes fiber optic connection and need professionally trained server administrators to maintain and optimize. Current cost per Gigabyte of cloud storage used by ZOOM Hosting is around $ 0.10 / month, but this doesn’t include the cost of other computing resource such as Bandwidth, CPU, RAM and server administration cost.   

Customers, who are new to this think that they can get away paying thousands of dollars for a hit website getting millions of traffic daily and instead, pay only P100.00 per month. NO, that is just not true. No hosting company will allow you to consume the resource of an entire server and pay only Php 100.00 monthly. Unlimited packages are usually covered by Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) that prevents website owners from abusing the server and exhausting server resource of an entire server with an overnight traffic increase and storage requirement.

Unlimited Cloud hosting packages have lower CPU and RAM usage to prevent website owners from abusing the unmetered packages and exhausting server resource, making it less ideal for moderate to high traffic business websites. Packages under our unlimited cloud are also not designed for file, video and image storage/sharing, backup storage, video, audio streaming, forum and similar applications that uses huge amount of computing resource. We recommend choosing from one of our CLOUD BUSINESS packages for regular business web and email hosting use.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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