Dear ZOOM Client,

We send greetings of safety and wellness.

As part of our proactive maintenance, we are strengthening our servers that house shared accounts, including your account.   This server maintenance effort requires the updating of your website’s PHP version. Please see the link below for your reference.


What this means to you?

Versions of PHP starting from 7.3 and below are versions that reached EOL or end of life.

If a PHP version becomes obsolete, any issues that may arise will no longer be addressed or supported by our servers and Free Support, leaving a security threat to both the website owner and the entire server.

If a website remains outdated, the website owner is risking the security of the website and email service.

Additionally, an outdated PHP is a threat to the entire server where other accounts are also hosted.

However, updating the PHP version may often affect the website's appearance, especially if the website was developed a couple of years ago.  Some plugins used may conflict with the new PHP version, resulting in changes in layout or malfunctioning of website features such as the contact form.

What you should do?

Please contact your website developer to seek assistance in updating the PHP version to the most compatible PHP version.  Upon updating, check the entire website for layout changes or non-working functionalities that may have a conflict with the new PHP version.

What Zoom Hosting will do?

We trust that your office understands that our team needs to keep all our servers up to date and that your team needs to perform an upgrade of PHP in order to secure the integrity of your account along with our other clients’ accounts.  As part of our commitment to assist you in this move, we will be setting up a server that will temporarily house all accounts that require updating their PHP version.

All clients who received this communication are encouraged to perform the PHP update ASAP to prevent unwanted interruption in service.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

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